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Autumn R. Henning MS, CCC-SLP, COM, IBCLC


Autumn R. Henning, MS, CCC-SLP, COM®, IBCLC is a certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA). She is a Certified Orofacial Myologist® through the International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM) and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Autumn graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Master’s Degree in Communication Disorders.  

Autumn is the founder and owner of Chrysalis Orofacial in Greenville, SC. It is the first and only clinic of its kind in the region that specializes in orofacial function and development throughout the lifespan, from infants to adults. Through Chrysalis Orofacial, Autumn has developed and taught thousands of professionals in her continuing education courses including: TOTS: Tethered Oral Tissues Specialty Training, Plot The TOT: A Collaborative Map to Optimal Outcomes, The STONES (Systematic Treatment of OMDs with Nuanced Effective Strategies) Approach, Guide to Becoming an IBCLC, Is Myo Right for Me?, and Confidently Connecting for Collaboration.

Autumn contributes to the professions by writing professional articles, being a guest on numerous podcasts, and speaking for many prestigious conferences and organizations including:

The International Association for Orofacial Myology (IAOM) Annual Convention, Feeding Matters International Pediatric Feeding Disorders Annual Conference, The American Laser Study Club Annual Symposium, The International Consortium of Oral Ankylofrenula Professionals (ICAP) Inaugural Conference, GOLD Learning's First Tongue Tie Symposium, and Innara Health's First Webinar Online University.

Autumn is currently appointed and in good standing as an Assistant Professor within the voluntary faculty series in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders at the University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences. Additionally, she was a Founding Board Member for the International Consortium for Oral Ankylofrenula Professionals (ICAP). 

Autumn is married to Dr. Zach Henning and they have a daughter Makena Grace Henning. They reside in Greenville (Greer), South Carolina area with their beloved cats. Her hobbies include travel, reading, church, and any activity with family!


  • Autumn R. Henning is Owner of Chrysalis Orofacial. 

  • Receives honorarium and conference admission from the MyoSphere.

  • Receives compensation for delivering continuing education courses, consulting, and client services.

  • Receives compensation through affiliate links for products.

  • Receives compensation as a Myo Mentor for the Myo Membership.

Nonfinancial Disclosures

Autumn R. Henning is a voluntary faculty member at University of Kentucky. 

Kimberly White CCC-SLP, COM, QOM

Kimberly White, MS, CCC-SLP is the Founder and Executive Director of Kimberly White Speech and Myofunctional Therapy, founded in 1995. She  graduated from Texas Woman's University with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Disorders in 1989 and a Master of Speech Pathology from the University of North Texas in 1991. Kimberly holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) in Speech-Language Pathology and is a member of the (ASHA) American Speech-Language-Hearing-Association. She is licensed in Texas through the Board of Examiners in Speech-Language Pathology and is a member of the Texas Speech and Hearing Association (TSHA). Additionally, she is a Certified Orofacial Myologist (COM®) through the International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM), and and a Qualified Orofacial Myofunctional (QOM®) therapist through NeoHealth Services.


Kimberly believes that therapy should be FUN and functional based on the individual needs of each patient. She is an avid learner and has earned the ASHA Award for Continuing Education (ACE) multiple times. Her areas of intense study include orofacial myology, swallowing, sensory-motor feeding, and articulation. She is an honor graduate of The Breathe Institute (TBI) Myo Mastermind program, and a Breathe Institute Ambassador.

Kimberly works with adults and children, specializing in orofacial myofunctional disorders and prevention. She loves working as part of an interdisciplinary team of professionals which enables her clients to achieve optimal outcomes, while improving their health and quality of life. She treats clients with tongue and lip ties, tongue thrusts, and other oral habits which can adversely affect swallowing, feeding, and speech skills. Kimberly collaborates with dentists, orthodontists, and ENTs around the DFW area who understand the impact orofacial dysfunction has on the whole body.   

She is not only a therapist, but a wife and mother to twins. In her spare time, you will find her spending time with her husband and children, usually at Disney World!

Kimberly White has ownership interest as the founder and owner of Kimberly White Speech and Myofunctional Therapy Services.
She receives speaking fee, travel, and accommodations for the symposium.

Kimberly has partial ownership of The MyoSphere. She has no nonfinancial disclosures. 

Catherine Kadechka CCC-SLP, RYT-200

Catherine logo.PNG

Catherine is a speech-language pathologist, myofunctional therapist, and yoga teacher based out of Gainesville, FL. Catherine was drawn to the field of speech pathology after undergoing speech therapy for her own stutter at 19 and experiencing the positive impact it had on her life.


As a young SLP, Catherine began noticing strange patterns in children's mouths when working on speech therapy, which led to her pursuing further coursework in orofacial myofunctional therapy. 

Catherine photo.JPG

Catherine's background in being a student and teacher of yoga has piqued her curiosity in wanting to understand the anatomy and physiology behind the therapy, and how factors such as breathing, posture, alignment, and nervous system regulation can impact therapeutic gains. As a self taught artist, she spends many hours drawing anatomy to help herself and others learn about the body deeper. She started her practice, Myoga Speech, to assess and treat oral dysfunction in all ages."

Catherine Kadechka is the owner and founder of Myoga Speech.
- Ownership interests in Myoga Speech
- Receives compensation from materials sold on Myoga Speech store in

She Receives a speaking fee and accommodations for the symposium. She has no nonfinancial disclosures

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Suzanne Ducharme MacFarlane CCC-SLP, CST Practitioner

Suzanne is a self motivated and highly skilled Speech-Language Pathologist with a specialty in pediatrics and advanced clinical skills in pediatric feeding and dysphagia, and early language acquisition. She also has extensive experience working with medically complex/medically fragile children, with additional strengths in family-centered treatment, multidisciplinary practice, and treatment of the whole child.

Since 2008, Suzanne has been integrating Craniosacral Therapy (CST) into her traditional SLP practice. This led to the development of an approach called holistic speech pathology, an innovative approach that looks at the whole child, and considers their communication or feeding issues through the lens of their family and their journey to reach their highest potential. Providing supportive light touch therapies when needed has allowed for optimal
development of the brain and whole child. In the past 8 years, she has been working more intensively with infants and others who have tethered oral tissues (TOTs), utilizing both CST and SLP skills to assist with pre and post op care.

Suzanne has presented extensively at the local and state level, educating clinicians and others about speech-language and feeding development, disorders and the important role of the Speech-Language Pathologist. She is a passionate advocate for children with communication and feeding disorders and their families. In 2016, Rowman and Littlefield published her first book, Childhood Speech and Language Disorders: Supporting Children and Their Parents on the Path to Communication.

Suzanne is the owner and master clinician for the Offices of Suzanne Ducharme, now located in Hanover, MA.



  • Suzanne Ducharme MacFarlane is the owner and master clinician of the Offices of Suzanne Ducharme.

  • She is receiving an honorarium for this presentation from the Myosphere.

  • Suzanne Ducharme MacFarlane is a published author through Rowman and Littlefield. She receives yearly royalties from the sale of her book.

Nonfinancial Disclosures

  • Member of ASHA

  • Member of IAHP- National Association for CST

Karese Laguerre RDH, Myofunctional Therapist 

The Myo Spot.png

Karese is a Registered Dental Hygienist and Myofunctional Therapist. She founded The Myo Spot, a practice aimed at amplifying oral wellness to whole body wellness. Through tele-therapy she helps clients of all ages overcome tongue ties, TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, grinding, anxiety, and various breathing and orofacial dysfunction. Passionate about education and self-help, she published Accomplished: How to Sleep Better, Eliminate Burnout and Execute Goals. When not working with clients globally she spends time with her husband and four kids.

K Laguerre headshot .JPG


  • Karese Laguerre is the owner and founder of The Myo Spot and co-owner of Dental Sleep Toolbox.

  • Receives speaker fee and accommodations for the symposium from The MyoSphere

  • Receives compensation from online courses sold on practice website:

  • Receives compensation from materials sold on Dental Sleep Toolbox store website:

Nonfinancial Disclosures

No relevant nonfinancial relationship(s) to disclose. 

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Dr. Hal Stewart DDS, FACD

logo Hal.jpg

Dr. Stewart is the Founder and CEO of The Stewart Center for Minimally Invasive Dental Medicine. He lectures worldwide, teaching dentists about craniofacial growth, airway, breathing, TMJ, and restorative dentistry.


Dr. Stewart has a long-standing commitment to the highest standards of whole health dentistry and craniofacial development. His devotion to his profession is seen in his passion for treating his patients and teaching other dentists worldwide. His commitment to his profession led to his induction into the American College of Dentists in 2018.  

As a biologic and systems-focused dentist, he believes that the goal of treatment should be to maintain a healthy, optimally functioning chewing system that is supported by, and in turn supports, a healthy airway. He believes that a healthy airway, and a healthy mouth with stable joints and harmonious occlusion, are imperative to one’s overall health. He is an Affiliate of The Breathe Institute where he serves as a teaching faculty member and a Clinical Advisor for VIVOS.

Dr. Stewart has ownership interests in The Stewart Center for Minimally Invasive Dental Medicine. He received accommodations and travel for the Symposium. He has no non-financial disclosures. 

Angie DSC_3295.jpg

Angie Lehman, RDH, COM   



Angie Lehman is an IAOM Certified Orofacial Myologist (COM) who has been exclusively practicing Orofacial Myology since 2012 in York, Pennsylvania. She runs
one of America’s most successful and well-known private practices, Oral Myofunctional Therapy of York.

Angie is a highly sought-after educator for medical, dental and allied health professional and she is passionate to encourage all health disciplines to work collaboratively and to better understand oral function and craniofacial development and to incorporate therapy into their specific areas of care. 

Angie provides online oral myofunctional training on her website through her Foundations and About Face courses.


Angie has ownership interests in OMT of York and She receives compensations for products sold on OMT of York and for classes on She received an honorarium, accomodations, and travel from The MyoSphere for the Symposium. She has no nonfinancial disclosures. 

Sarah Burgon CCC-SLP

Sarah logo.jpg

Sarah Burgon, MA, CCC-SLP, COM® attended University of Utah and then completed her graduate studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She then started her career as a Speech Language Pathologist in a Pediatric Outpatient Clinic. 

SarahBurgon1_websize (1).jpg

Over the years she often worked in multiple settings at the same time to accommodate her role as a wife and mom. She has experience as a SLP and as an Autism Consultant in the Academic setting and as a SLP in hospitals and SNFs. Sarah expanded her private practice business as her family grew and now is the owner of a multidisciplinary clinic, Sunbreak Therapy Services, which has 3 different locations in the Portland, Oregon area. She is passionate about Speech and Oral Myofunctional Therapy and learning about all things private practice. Sarah loves empowering other clinicians to keep growing their skills while maintaining a happy and fulfilled life.


Sarah Burgon is the owner and founder of Sunbreak Therapy Services and Sarah Burgon Consulting, LLC.
She receives a speaking fee for symposium and has ownership interests of Sunbreak Therapy Services and Sarah Burgon Consulting. Sarah has no non-financial disclosures. 

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